Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Busy Weekend

Hell of a weekend for taking photos. I probably shot somewhere around 1200 images starting on Thursday night and ending on Sunday. (Note: these are all quick and dirty processed photos so apologies for them being off color or grainy)

The newest resident of #1 Bright Star, Stanley.

Friday night I drove to Nebraska to see some friends and shoot the football game. I ended up in a corn field maze. A corn field in Nebraska? No way!

Poor, poor, Huskers. They didn't stand a chance. But they're special people by these photos.

Jeff packing up after the game. Exciting. Random. All of the above.

Drove over to Omaha before heading back to Columbia and visited my sister, brother in law and nephew. Oh hey, this is the first time Brayden's made it on here! He looks happy to be here, no?

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