Thursday, September 10, 2009

The Great Escape

The Problem: The black part inside the "box" contains six CDs. I'm not exactly sure what CDs are in there, but I know that the box will no longer accept any commands from the controller or the reset buttons meaning those CDs are trapped inside. Good thing I liked taking things apart as a kid.

Step 1: The actual unit was suspended on shock absorbers within the main shell to prevent skipping while the car was in motion. Good for listening to my music (when the thing worked) bad for stability when removing the necessary screws to get to the CD carriage.

Step 2: The actual playing unit is fully exposed. I'd hoped to have been able to simply get to this step and just pull the CD carriage right out, no problem. Unfortunately...

...a CD was being held in the play position and didn't want to leave it. This led to...

Step 3: Break out the precision screw drivers to begin dismantling the casing around the play head.

Step 4: A few screws later and we have sucessful seperation of the CD carriage and the play head. Thankfully the CD that was lodged in the play position was a worthless burn I made in high school. This CD is now classified as a POW.

Step 5: After extricating the five remaining CDs I'm left with a giant heap of trash. All this and it only took two screwdrivers and a wire cutter to take it all apart.

The liberated CDs (from left to right): Pseudopod, Lostprophets "Start Something", Linkin Park and Jay-Z "Collision Course", Freebird The Movie Soundtrack, Linkin Park "Reanimation".

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