Sunday, January 31, 2010

Half an hour, one light, a ladder, and 60 women (and 4 guys)

I shot a group photo of all the Tiger X instructors at the Rec Center (well the ones that showed up anyway, there are more than 70). I had some advance notice on this, but still had a bit of a last minute rush to come up with things. I didn't find out until the day before the shoot that there would be 70+ people in the photo, which threw my plans for the shoot out the window. Plus one of the Rec's Alien Bee 800s burnt out while I was doing a yoga shoot the day before (look for some of those to come tomorrow). So when I got to work, I basically had half an hour to find a new location and figure out how to light it for about 60 people using only one light and a softbox. No problem.

I grabbed a small ladder (about 5 ft) and cranked my light stand up as high as it could go, angled down about 35 degrees. I turned the softbox horizontal and gaff taped a 20x30" piece of foam core board to the top to act as a bounce card to push the light back a bit. Little bit of guess and check on the exposure and viola!

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