Sunday, August 3, 2008

More Mizzou and construction

I know, I know! How can I possibly be putting up more lame pictures of Mizzou and construction? It fascinates me, what can I say?
The twins, as I call them. Seriously though, what are these called? Just 'The Lions"? I mean I know we got them from China and all, but no one ever really calls them anything.

Behold the monstrosity that is the giant hole in the middle of the Rollins/Hitt intersection. Now that there are large beams protruding up from within, I really wish I knew what the hell they were doing down there. But hey, the street wasn't actually flooded this time.
Taken from street level. Note how tiny the guys in the hole look.
I guess they decided the sidewalks needed a makeover as well. Why not, right?
As promised, a shot of the now sort of barren Quad. Will it actually be green by the time the fall semester starts? Seeing as how they've already started building what looks to be a fountain in the cul de sac, I think getting a flatbed up there to get sod in might be troublesome. So, no. I think not.
And to finish a lame snapshot of the back of the Brady expansion project. At first I thought they were moving along pretty well because they'd started putting on the exterior elements. Then someone credible told me this half of the project was supposed to have been completed by the time fall semester starts. Yeah, not so much.

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