Friday, August 1, 2008

HDR Madness

I went a little crazy with HDR today while I was out on campus shooting landmarks for a work project.
Things went much better as far as getting publishable results (i.e. not having shaky images because I couldn't sit still enough) thanks to some pointers from Ryan Gibbons. He'll probably still tell me I'm using it in the wrong situation in some of these photos, but I think I did a better job with that part as well.

Here's a lovely shot of the back of the Reynolds Journalism Institute. Basically once the grass is in, I'm not gonna complain about this place one bit, unless it starts falling apart after the first month.

The rest of these are pretty self explanitory (like if you don't know what they are I'm hitting you over the head with a hammer unless you show me an ID from 4 states away.
I'll probably have more construction photos up tomorrow. I got the backside of Brady, including a guy doing some welding that's sort of neat, and some more stuff of the hole in Rollins Rd that now eats up the entire Rollins/Hitt intersection. It's pretty crazy considering they have a month to fix that before they have to deal with 700 freshmen who live off campus expecting there to be a shuttle bus to take them to class.

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