Friday, July 25, 2008

HDRs and Other Stuff

I've been practicing doing High Dynamic Range (HDR) shots lately. I think I still need a little more practice.

A decent looking shot of the Columns with Jesse Hall. They've moved all the junk of the Quad by the way. Instead of a torn up piece of ground with mobile construction offices and equipment, it's now just a torn up piece of ground. Why didn't I take of photo of that?

Umm, yeah....I thought I was being still enough to combine five images into one....whoops.

Not an HDR, but I thought anyone who wasn't in Columbia at the moment might like to see the progress on the Journalism Institute. I hadn't been down to 9th Street all summer and I was pretty amazed at how far they've gotten on in. the backside that faces the Quad is pretty cool too. It'll just a wall of windows, but they were cutting some concrete and it was obscured by dust so I didn't take a shot.

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